Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday's Thrift Treasures

Who says you need to spend lots of money look like a celebrity? After thrifting Monday I got some GREAT finds that I think will be perfect for Spring. I know I've said it before but Thrifting is becoming a passion and obsession in my life.

I went in with a list and came out with treasures, here are some of my finds that I just couldn't pass up!

Vintage Messenger Style Handbag $6.90
This dark brown messenger bag is perfect for Spring and for only $6.90 I could NOT pass up. There was no name brand written inside only the musty smell that you get from a truely vintage piece. Mmmm I love that smell!

Vintage Black Chanel Inspired Handbag $5.90
 I almost died when I saw this bag. I showed my husbands Aunt this bag, she sells high end designer handbags for Saks Fifth Ave, and she couldn't believe how close it was to looking like the real thing. Of course its not. Again no tag inside, but it did have a sticker saying it was genuine leather and was made in Italy.  This bag is perfect day-to-night. It will look great to dress up your jeans!

Rachel Zoe Inspired jacket by Newport News $9.90
 I saw this jacket and it reminded me of Rachel Zoe. Its so feminine and I think the perfect shade of pink. I usually don't wear pink but I couldn't pass up this Chanel look-a-like. I can't wait to wear this! Going to get out my Rachel Zoe inspiration and will post pics soon!

I also bought an adorable dress for my 18-month old daughter and a mid-length floral skirt for myself (which I will write about in a later post - it needs some TLC).


  1. Where did you go thrifting?? Please share

  2. Its allll the way down in Woodbridge! Its called the Village Thrift Store. Gotta really dig sometimes but I almost always come out with gems for my daughter and myself.