Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekly HerExchange Article - LBD 3 Ways

So its a little late, BUUUUT here it is! My weekly article.

I am super excited about this one y'all! I think this is great advice for everyone!

Going to have coffee with the amazing HerExchange creator this afternoon, can't wait to let you in on what she has to say!

Designer Bracelets for Less - Waaaay Less

One of my dear friends Sally is one of the best dressed chicas I know, she is also has a shopping problem. An admitted shopping problem. I know she reads my blog and recently she told me about these super adorable bracelets she bought that cost serious loot.

My friend along with the ranks of other celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Richie, Alexa Chung, are all sporting the Chan Lu bracelets!
Alexa Chung in Chan Lu Bracelets

Jennifer Aniston in Chan Lu Bracelts
Sally in Chan Lu Bracelets

These bracelets retail online for up to $200! She did some research later and found on similar bracelets A LOT cheaper and still Super cute! (Go to and in the search box put "Chan Lu.")

Moral of the story, Check out sites like for similar products and styles of what celebrities are wearing. Not only are you supporting small business development, but your saving a ton of money. Your wallet and bank account will thank you later.

(This post is dedicated to a loyal reader and great friend - Sally! Love you and your shopaholic ways)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Big Changes a Comin'

So I have plans for some big changes to come later this summer and fall!

Don't panic - - this will still maintain its reputation as a fashion blog, BUT I would like to add some other elements of my life in it as well.  I will put anything non-fashion related on other tabs so those of you who don't care - don't have to read them.

Happy Hump Day!

Purple Makes Me Happy

Purple is my favorite color.
 This morning I put on my favorite purple Hunter rain boots.  
I thought about how happy this color makes me.
On a rainy day like today, when I feel like life so hectic I don't know what day it is, the color purple makes me happy.

What color makes you happy?

HerExchange Weekly Article: Closet Shopping

Hope y'all had a great fourth of July!

Check out this week's HerExchange article on how to save money and shop in your OWN closet!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fashion Icon : Blake Lively

Whether she's dating her co-star "Dan" on Gossip Girl or super star Leonardo Dicaprio, Blake Lively has proven herself to be a fashion icon with impecable style.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday's Five Under $50

Every Friday I'm going to post five items that are each under $50. Some weeks it could be fashion related other weeks it could involve beauty or kids clothes, pet must haves I want it to be what I'm really feeling that week.

Since I'm traveling this weekend to a wedding here are my 5 each under $50 that I think are must haves for traveling!

Toiletries Organizer

So I'm a super organized freak and even more so when I travel. I drive my husband crazy. This trip kit is a great way to keep everything together and even has extra room to grab all the extras from the hotel. Only $34.99 from the Container Store.

Reading Material

I love reading but with a two year old, it's frankly a luxury I just don't have time for. When traveling, especially by myself, I try and fit in a good book or magazine.
I have heard some great things about Emily Giffin's books, so I just got Something Borrowed.  Hope its a good one! Already read it? Try a great local DC thriller, False Victim by Kathie Truitt. Great book and based on a true story! ($18.99 on Amazon & $9.99 on Kindel)

Okay, so socks seem pretty general, but my feet always get cold on the airplane. These super adorable Betsy Johnson socks are from and are only $24!

Whether your going to the south of France or the Jersey Shore (or the Midwest like me) a swimsuit is essential! Target is the perfect place to get a vacation swimsuit. I never like to spend too much money on my vacation suit considering it usually hangs in the bathroom and I leave it. I realized this after leaving a $200 Juicy swimsuit a couple years back. This one below is from Target and costs $18 for the top and $18 for the bottom.

Remember on vacation your probably spending more time in the sun as usual, to avoid annoying tan lines on your chest, try a top with no straps like the one in the middle!

Carry On

Here are some great carry-ons! Remember it has to be able to fit above your head or under the chair in front of you!
$41.99 from
$49.99 from
Have a great and safe weekend everyone!

Happy Fourth of July!