Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thrifting Thursday Finds

Because I am traveling today (alone with my 19-month old - Lord help me) I thought it only appropriate to show you that Thrifting isn't just for grown ups.

I have found some amazing pieces for my daughter! I refuse to spend thousands of dollars on clothes for her when lets be honest, they are just going to get covered in drool, food, poo (Hmmm TMI?), and lord knows what else. Since before she was born I have bought her adorable dresses (Ralph Lauren), and jeans  (Baby GAP and Baby Guess) from thrift stores. I developed my love for thrifting from my mom and Nana and I hope I spread the same love of it to her.

Here is an ADORABLE vintage 80's dress I found for her. Navy blue accented with little apples reminded me of something my mom would have put me in! I loved it!

So if any of you ladies have kids or nieces and nephews and looking for
 some one-of-a-kind pieces try thrifting!

(Sorry the pics from far away - couldn't get her to sit still!)

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  1. Hello fellow thrift shopper, We are glad you and your daughter are having such a great time saving money thrift shopping, isn't saving money and finding great bargains wonderful?

    keep in touch lets exchange weblinks,