Monday, February 21, 2011

Easy Ways to Organize Your Bling

Does the top of your dresser look like a jumbled mess of rings, bangles, mixed matched earrings, and necklaces tied in knots? Here are some of my tips for getting organized as well as the wearable longevity out of each piece.
  • Don't want your chains getting tangled or jewelry getting scratched? Store each piece individually, never double up in a compartment
  • Organize to your lifestyle. Keep everyday wear separate from special occasion. If you seem to be a more visual person, sort by color.
  • Have fine jewelry? HANDLE WITH CARE! After each wear, wipe off using a 100% cotton cloth. When it comes to fine jewelry, store in their original boxes and always make sure they are tarnish and dust free.
These foam trays are perfect for storing jewelry in drawers (they're stackable) or on your dresser top.
$14.99 @ Container Store
Want to showcase your jewelry? has adorable ways to hang your dangly earrings and charm bracelets.
This is an oldie but check out their website for their recent jewelry storage ideas
Don't have a budget for jewelry storage? Try using a bulletin board to store necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Try hanging your pieces on colorful pushpins!

(Need advice on cleaning your jewelry? Check out REAL SIMPLE)

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