Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday's Thrift Treasures

You might have noticed my dissapperance last week, with my lack of blog posts. My daughter and I headed out west to visit my grandparents in Southern Missouri.

Remember the Beverly HIllbilly's? Remember where they hit the oil? You know before they became rich? Well we were visiting about 15 miles down the road. The quite quant and always full of gossip El Dorado Springs, Missouri.

About four days in to the trip I began to get very antsy. I need to shop. And I needed to do it now. My Nana explained there were two stores "downtown" on Main Street that I might like. Both stores were consignment and had a mix of new and old things. Foundation 81 was on the south side of main street and was my favorite of the two. After entering I even found my old preschool teacher behind the counter, she was the owner. After glancing around I found a coffee bar in the back and a jewelry wall not far from it. My two favorite things! Jewerly and Coffee!

Here are some of my finds:

I love the different metallics and the chain woven with ribbon

I loved silver and gold mixed together. I'm thinking of attempting this as a DIY
I am a very avid thrift and vintage shopper. I basically do it every week and have got quite the collection going on. Starting by May 1(hopefully sooner)  I will be selling some of my pieces on the blog. I just don't have the room any more, but I can't stop buying them!

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