Friday, June 24, 2011

Rachael's Wearing: Stripes in the City

It's a million degrees in DC today, and the humidity is about two million percent. As much as I hate the ocean I would love to be on a boat right now sailing with the ocean breeze in my hair. Ahhhh....

Instead I'm stuck trudging around this hot city, oh I love DC.

Dress {Current Boutique H&M} Shoes {Eva & Zoe}
Purple Watch {LouLous Boutique} Handbag {Gucci}
Necklace {JCrew} Sunglasses {Betsy Johnson}

I know, I know my handbag really doesn't match with the outfit - BUT I really needed a massive handbag today and was in a huge rush. So I'm sure you can forgive me this once. 

This dress is so super comfy and I love wearing it. Probably would have felt more comfortable had I not stuffed my face with Chipolte for lunch, but oh well. 

Cute little sailor detail on the dress, little gold buttons

My mom gave me this necklace a while back. I love the pop of color this outfit totally needs. Its fun and I don't get to wear it much because my daughter thinks its candy and tries to eat it. 
Sorry about the up the nose shot, had to get a close up of this necklace myself!
Whats everyone doing this weekend? I am taking my daughter to a "Princess" Themed birthday party tomorrow and then going to a friends rooftop in Arlington Sunday for a pool party. Hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend! 


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