Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rachael's Wearing : Anthropologie @ the Bar

So forgive this picture, I had to have my husband take this picture and well he wasn't very enthusiastic about it to say the least.

Tank {H&M} Skirt {Anthropologie}
Bangle {Gifted} Shoes {H&M}
I loove this army green skirt! I wrote about a sale at Anthropolgie sale I went to a couple weeks ago and this was my amazing sale purchase. The roped belt makes my waist appear smaller and the fuller bottom hits at a perfect length - right above the knee. This black tank is a cheap must have for me. Probably cost $5 and its easy to put in the wash and go. The black open toe sling backs are actually very uncomfortable but were good for days like today where I'm not walking all over town.

I had a crazy busy day in which I felt like I was on hold for most of it. I'm am currently working with a client that asked me to do something a little different than what I usually do, so I got to take a fun trip to target. There I found something that I MUST have:

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to do my own DIY with a sewing machine. I used to have one years ago but this year for my birthday I'm determine to get this (ehem - Husband, I need this).


  1. Just remember...if hubby doesn't take a hint, Mommy and Daddy do. Either way, you will have that sewing machine, my love.

  2. You looked so cute on that outfit. And yes, a sewing machine would be an amazing gift for your bday.