Wednesday, May 25, 2011

HerExchange & Outfit Posts

Not a big post today, but I do have some exciting news! I am proud to announce that I will be joining the amazing team of contributors at as a weekly fashion contributor!

If you have not checked out this website yet, it's a must! The whole concept is to share what we know, to empower each other to be the best women we can be. I love sharing my secrets and expertise and feel I will be right at home with the HerExchange family.

My article will be coming out every Thursday starting June 2nd!


On a different note, I was completely inspired by a recent blog post from one of my fellow DC Fashion Bloggers. A Lacey Perspective is an amazing creative blog centered around "women, fashion, and politics". She recently posted about being jealous of the women in NYC and how they are able to wear what they want and nobody looks at them with crazy eyes. I could NOT agree more! Having lived in NYC for two years I learned you can basically wrap a trash bag around your body and call it a dress and nobody looks twice.

After reading Lacey's posts I too have decided to lead by example and not fall into the rut of other women in DC by putting this seasons trend in the back of our closet because we can't 'pull them off' in a town like DC.

I to am joining Lacey in owning what I wear & what I love to wear. I am going to do an outfit post once a week and own it! Thanks Lacey for the inspiration!

(NOTE: I have never met Lacey, only know her through the blog world. BUT She does work in my neighborhood and I have seen her a couple times - She always looks fabulous and can pull off just about any look.)

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