Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rachael's Wearing : Curtains as a Dress

DISCLAIMER: I am not, repeat not a photographer and neither is my mom but still as promised here is What I'm Wearing today!

Dress Maple {Current Boutique} Shoes {Eva & Zoe) Bracelet {Gifted from my best friend}
Rings { Gifted from my husband}

Pretending to have tea

So usually I do a lot more accessories, but today was exhausting and for several reasons it did not happen for me today. (1) I wanted to show case the dress which I'm obsessed with! I love anything that looks like its made out a curtain. It reminds me of that part of Sound of Music where she makes the children play clothes and then they go to the fountain and sing, "Doe a Deer..." (2) The other reason it didn't happen was I simply didn't have time. Any mom out there can tell you how exhausting it is getting yourself and a two year old out the door, even worse when there a puking incident while your walking out...TMI?

Either way I looove this dress and got several compliments on it. The Eva & Zoe nude shoes are so insanely comfortable and I love the little kitten heel on them, perfect girly touch.

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