Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fabulous Finds for $50 and UNDER

I think no matter how much money I have in my life, I'll always be on a budget. I do not understanding spending thousands of dollars to look amazing. Here are some great finds for anyone still building their Spring wardrobe!

Soludos "Playa Blue" Seersucker Espardrilles; Prove there is a life after flip flops! Only $28 these shoes allow your feet to breathe and are perfect for anywhere the spring and summer winds take you!

Classy & Sassy Polka Dot Dress from Lulus.com is great for any occasion wheather work, play, date night, or a night on the town with the girls.

These Bright "Lifesaver" Bangles From Skinnystyle.com are so adorable and at $15 a piece, very hard to pass up. Mix and match different colors add an great unexpected touch.

I just discovered this mascara - its amazing! It hits every eye part of your eye lash and gives them a GREAT pop! Best $15 my lash's have every seen.

This metalic straw clutch from GAP is perfect for both petite and tall gals. It comes in this great gold or silver metalic color at $49.95.

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