Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm a maniac

I have been all over recently! Motherhood, an upcoming move (to Cleveland Park), and keeping busy sewing up a storm are keeping away me away from my blog. : (

The hubby and I finally (after 4 years of marriage decided to upgrade from our small 2 bedroom apartment in Dupont Circle to an amazing 3 Bedroom Condo in Cleveland Park. I moved to the city four years ago and have only lived in Dupont Circle so I am beyond ecstatic to discover a new part of the city. Not to mention we have a pool at our new place. I can't wait to start nesting my own place and finally get to decorate a home the way I have always wanted.

Next up Motherhood, well thats a full time job in itself. Raising a two year old DIVA is very challenging some days. So challenging that I'm eager to meet new mothers who are in the same boat on treaturous waters that I am in. Some of my stories are so ridiculous I'm pretty sure I could write a million page book.

My sewing is going AMAZING! I'm so proud of my hand-made pieces soon to come up in my Etsy store. I'm also SUPER excited for my upcoming vintage & redesigned vintage collection, housewives collection, and some great partnerships I have coming up! I can't wait to show off all my handwork. I am hoping most of the collection will be up by March 15th ( I need time to MOVE!)

I'm hoping everyone will stay with me as I go through this transitional stage in my blog. Somedays it maybe fashion inspired, DIY, inspirational, complaints of motherhood, recipes, fitness or anything else that could possibly cross my mind. I'm in desperate need for a creative outlet in all aspects of my life so my blog will be my haven.

If your interested in finding me on all the social media outlets that are out there try these:

Facebook: Soigné
Twitter: Chicdc202
Instagram: Chicdc202

Can't wait to share all these exciting changes in my life!

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