Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What Sophie Wore

Getting dressed in our house is becoming a full out war. My almost 2.5 year old daughter somewhere along the way developed an opinion, attitude, and her own sense of style.

Where did that sweet little girl go that gazed at me with loving eyes and wore whatever I put her in with out any complaints. She has been replaced by a small 2.5 year old going on 12.

Usually I think of Monday as a NEW day! I start out with a happy attitude and calm sweet voice while my daughter and I converse for several minutes about what does and doesn't match. She tells me she wants a butterfly shirt and I run around the house searching for a stupid butterfly shirt gritting my teeth trying to keep a smile on my face. All in hopes of making it out of the house in record time so I can make my coveted gym class. The morning usually ends in crocodile tears, frustration ("Not THAT butterfly shirt, MOM!"), and if I actually do make it to the gym I'm never on time for the class.

As a last resort I decided to let my daughter pick her own clothes out. As long as she is covered, I can't complain. By picking out her own clothes I feel I am letting her express her individuality and creativity and no matter how silly I think she looks, she walks around town bursting with pride of her fashion creation.

As a mother I think its best sometimes that we just pick-and-choose our battles. I'm willing to let you pick out your own clothes, but taking your pants, shoes, and socks off the moment we walk into McDonalds is NOT appropriate.

This outfit was picked a couple weeks ago. She was dead set on wearing a pink skirt. PINK. The weather that day was chilly and she compromised with me and wore leggings underneath. It's not what I would have picked, but she loved it.

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