Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back At It!

Well its been awhile since I've blogged but I know I know I'm really gonna do my best to get back to it!

I've been super busy working on my sewing machine and really making a conscience effort to build my business. I love making clothes and my goal for this year is to really start making my living doing just that. My focus on my blog is going to based on my inspiration and my business.

Over the next couple months I will be showing all my inspiration for my upcoming spring collection!

I currently have an Etsy shop now where I sell refurbished vintage clothing, handmade pieces and vintage patterns. Click Here to view details of my Etsy Shop!

Currently I have some winter pieces in my shop so SHOP AWAY so we can make room for Spring!

Hope to really make a commitment to blog two or three times a week. Between trying to move, be a mom to a two year old, trying to find a school for kids, and working essentially two jobs - You can imagine I'm super busy! BUT I really hope to make a commitment and build my business more!

Happy New Year All!

xo R

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