Monday, July 18, 2011

Designer Bracelets for Less - Waaaay Less

One of my dear friends Sally is one of the best dressed chicas I know, she is also has a shopping problem. An admitted shopping problem. I know she reads my blog and recently she told me about these super adorable bracelets she bought that cost serious loot.

My friend along with the ranks of other celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Richie, Alexa Chung, are all sporting the Chan Lu bracelets!
Alexa Chung in Chan Lu Bracelets

Jennifer Aniston in Chan Lu Bracelts
Sally in Chan Lu Bracelets

These bracelets retail online for up to $200! She did some research later and found on similar bracelets A LOT cheaper and still Super cute! (Go to and in the search box put "Chan Lu.")

Moral of the story, Check out sites like for similar products and styles of what celebrities are wearing. Not only are you supporting small business development, but your saving a ton of money. Your wallet and bank account will thank you later.

(This post is dedicated to a loyal reader and great friend - Sally! Love you and your shopaholic ways)

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