Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday's Five Under $50

Every Friday I'm going to post five items that are each under $50. Some weeks it could be fashion related other weeks it could involve beauty or kids clothes, pet must haves I want it to be what I'm really feeling that week.

Since I'm traveling this weekend to a wedding here are my 5 each under $50 that I think are must haves for traveling!

Toiletries Organizer

So I'm a super organized freak and even more so when I travel. I drive my husband crazy. This trip kit is a great way to keep everything together and even has extra room to grab all the extras from the hotel. Only $34.99 from the Container Store.

Reading Material

I love reading but with a two year old, it's frankly a luxury I just don't have time for. When traveling, especially by myself, I try and fit in a good book or magazine.
I have heard some great things about Emily Giffin's books, so I just got Something Borrowed.  Hope its a good one! Already read it? Try a great local DC thriller, False Victim by Kathie Truitt. Great book and based on a true story! ($18.99 on Amazon & $9.99 on Kindel)

Okay, so socks seem pretty general, but my feet always get cold on the airplane. These super adorable Betsy Johnson socks are from and are only $24!

Whether your going to the south of France or the Jersey Shore (or the Midwest like me) a swimsuit is essential! Target is the perfect place to get a vacation swimsuit. I never like to spend too much money on my vacation suit considering it usually hangs in the bathroom and I leave it. I realized this after leaving a $200 Juicy swimsuit a couple years back. This one below is from Target and costs $18 for the top and $18 for the bottom.

Remember on vacation your probably spending more time in the sun as usual, to avoid annoying tan lines on your chest, try a top with no straps like the one in the middle!

Carry On

Here are some great carry-ons! Remember it has to be able to fit above your head or under the chair in front of you!
$41.99 from
$49.99 from
Have a great and safe weekend everyone!

Happy Fourth of July!

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