Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Closet Swap...

One thing thats hard to come by in DC is large, luxurious, walk in closets!

I met with an amazing couple today that has a problem MOST couples have...closet sharing. My number one recommendation (if possible) is to have separate closet space! In DC this is hard. The couple I met with today started out as a styling appointment for her husband. She said he wore the same four sweaters over, and over, and over. After this session I'm pretty sure he will be one of the best dressed in DuPont!

The main issue with this particular client was their willingness to share a closet. The wife had the smaller closet for shoes, handbags, skirts, blazers, shirts, etc. The second closet, in which she shared with her husband, she kept her winter coats and ALL of her dresses (which were a lot!)

the before (notice the his and hers)

I realized right away they both needed their own closets. After much conversation, I decided to switch their closets. Below is the after picture with only the wife's wardrobe.

This Client decided she wanted the closet organized by color (ChicDC offers MANY ways to organize)

Shoes are better kept in boxes even though it takes up more space

Shoes that do not have boxes, such as boots, should be neatly placed at the bottom of the closet
After the "organization" process was finished this couple realized exactly how many clothes they had! Just by organizing we found out the following:

1) The husband had ten shirts with tags STILL on them! We went through his closet and paired outfits with pictures included that could be worn for any occasion he would need. This is great for both men and women but especially for men! Makes getting ready process that much quicker!

2) When I asked the wife what color she loved wearing she said, "RED! It makes me feel sassy!" Unfortunately she only owned one red piece of clothing and 6 Little Black Dresses! This was a great time for us to sit down and go over the essentials she needed for her closet.

3) After giving birth almost 19 months ago this client was still hanging on to her maternity wear. Maternity wear essentials SHOULD be kept if you are planning on having other children, BUT in an effort to not drift into something that (1) doesn't fit or (2) is easy to settle into because its comfy store your maternity clothes in a seperate location rather than your every day closet.

For more tips on organizing your closet or to have ChicDC come in and take the burden off you....email ChicDC202@gmail.com

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