Friday, April 13, 2012


In my mind I am an extremely creative person, however I often lack the ability to actually put it to paper.

Since we recently moved to a new and slightly larger condo here in Cleveland Park DC I realized we had a massive amount of wall space and not nearly enough things to fill up the blank white space. Its a rental, so painting was out of the question but since we are going to be here for at least a year I want it to feel like home as much as possible.

I decided to start with my little girls room, after all decorating with pink is always fun, and it gave me a chance to let out my inner craft goddess. DISCLAIMER: I thought this would be a great project to do with my daughter. HOWEVER 2 1/2 is simply to young. This could be great for an older child. 

What you need:

Canvas (I bought in a set of 4)
Mix Matched Martha Stewart Paints
Several Different Size Painting Brushes
Stencils or Adhesive 3D Crowns of other shapes that interests you/child
Self Adhesive bejewels to add more BLING

The Paints

Paint each canvas desired back color.
Let dry over night.
(May require several coats)

All four canvas Buttercup Yellow

(At your own risk) I let little Sophia paint the
purple crown, which I later wiped off and re-did :)

Painted Crown 

Paint each one different color - NOTE: I noticed
each crown needed careful and multiple coats of

Sophia wanted more "Bling" so we added self adhesive
rhinestones. Finished product looks SO CUTE in
her room!

Again I'm not the most crafty person but this was a super cute and easy craft project to add character to her room. Great weekend project!

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