Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Little Girls Should Dress Like Little Girls

Since fall is just around the corner, its time to not only refresh my closet but my darling daughters as well. How they grow so fast, I realized nothing fit her and off shopping we go with Daddy's gleaming credit card in our hand. My adorable mini me loves shopping just as much as her mommy. Oh my poor (so to be broke) husband.

With my mom (yes thats three generations of shop-a-holics), we were appaled by what some of these stores had to offer! Little girls should dress like little girls! Innocence is so precious, why are we wisking it away but not allowing them to be children in their clothes. I looked at my daughter who was wearing a green tutu, L.L. Bean pink rainboots, big bow in her hair, and a hot pink t-shirt complete with a puppy and rinestones,, and topping it off the ketchup we missed at lunch from her McDonalds french fries...This is how a little girl should look.

She just happend to walk over a grate...She thought this was
so funny!

I went home and did my research and found a great site for childrens clothes! Check out the Olivia Bloom Project!

A wonderful site with adorable childrens clothing, impecabbly made, with the intent of allowing children to not feel confined in their clothing and express their own creative joy!

Don't forget to LIKE them on Facebook too they always have great deals!

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