Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Updating Your LBD

No time to shop? Look in your own closet! Most of us have our go to LBD (or Little Black Dress) that has saved us NUMEROUS times.  Wearing the same LBD to numerous parties will make other party-goers wander, "Does she own more than one dress?"

Below are my suggestion for "making over" you treasured LBD!

Velvet Blazer or Any Blazer for that MATTER
GAP $89.00
Velvet is always a popular fabric during the holidays and can turn a plain black dress in something warm, sultry, and uber chic! On a budget? Look at stores such as Forever21, H&M, Gap, or Arden B.

Statement Jewelry

The goal of making over your LBD is to take the attention AWAY from your dress but still keep it on you. Statement Jewelry is an amazingly easy way to do this and is probably hidden in your jewelry box.

For my wedding my mother-in-law gave me a necklace with an ancient Roman coin. This is my classic statement jewelry piece. Every time I wear it, others are intrigued by it and ask what exactly is around my neck. Takes the attention off the dress I'm wearing even if they have seen in on me more than once.

Inherit your grandma's old jewelry? This is a great way to use it! Don't have or know what statement jewelry? Look at stores like LOU LOU's in DuPont Circle or Channel HSN.

Necklace Found @ Lou Lou's Boutique in DuPont Circle

Found on HSN

Killer Pumps

The first thing I look at on any woman is her shoes and handbag. Yup that's right you could be wearing a brown paper bag but if I love your shoes, I am sure to compliment you on them!

When looking for shoes for your LBD find what I call "statement shoes." Websites like Endless or stores like DSW and Steve Madden are perfect! My go to statement shoes are my red high heels.

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